Become a Coach

clipboardYou should contact any member of the NTB Board of Directors to discuss the responsibilities of the position, fill out an NTB Coach Application and submit it to us for consideration. Your application will be considered by the Coaching Committee of the Board of Directors for the specific team for which you have applied. You will be invited to meet with the Board to discuss your application.

For coaches, we are looking for people who have played basketball at a high school or college level, have prior experience coaching youth basketball and/or other youth sports, demonstrate a good knowledge of individual basketball skills and team concepts, and can make the time commitment required to attend coaching clinics, weekday practices and weekend games.

Once selected all coaches must complete the forms listed on the coaching forms page and return to an NTB Board member, and review the NTB Sexual Abuse and Molestation Prevention Policy.

We encourage anyone interested to apply for a coaching position.