2017-18 Natick Travel Basketball Rosters

Thank you to all the players who tried out for a Natick Travel team this fall. Also thank you to the volunteers and coaches for coordinating the tryouts and evaluating the players in order to form the teams.

The Natick Travel Basketball Board takes the tryout process very seriously. We continue to use a numeric component associated with each player that helps to inform the evaluators on team placement. Additionally, as with last season, we once again have conducted a review session for each roster that allowed for validation by the prior year coaches and analysis by the Board on the recommendations. Both aspects extend the announcement dates, but we feel they are beneficial to the process in order to provide the best results possible.

For those players who did not make a team, there are a number of other programs that run during the winter months, including the Natick Recreation and Parks Basketball program for Natick boys and girls in 3rd through 8th grades.

If your child made a team, please complete the Travel team registration and payment by going to the Blue Sombrero registration site. Login to your account by clicking the Login button at the top right. Then select the program that is appropriate for your child.

If you wish to volunteer as a coach you may also fill out volunteer information at this time. In addition, we strongly recommend you reach out to Warren Forman and let him know of your interest: president@natickbasketball.com


Girls 4th Grade Rosters

Girls 5th Grade Rosters

Girls 6th Grade Rosters

Girls 7th Grade Rosters

Girls 8th Grade Rosters



Boys 4th Grade Rosters

Boys 5th Grade Rosters

Boys 6th Grade Rosters

Boys 7th Grade Rosters

Boys 8th Grade Rosters