The 5K Summer Challenge


“The 5K” challenges you to make 5000 shots over 6 weeks.

The key to this challenge is consistency and commitment. Challenge yourself to get the most out of it!

5000 made shots is approximately 125 shots made per day for 6 weeks. Any type of shot counts. Keep track of your shots each day and try to get to between 750 and 1000 made shots each week to stay on track.


Since all shots count towards your total, it is important to have a strategy and workout for each of your shooting sessions.  Here is one way you might get to 125 shots in a day:

  • 15 Form shots (5 from 3 different spots about 3 feet from the hoop)
  • 10 Right-handed layups (e.g. one dribble from the elbow)
  • 10 Left-handed layups (e.g. one dribble from the elbow)
  • 10 Right-handed jump stop lay-ups or floaters (starting outside the 3-point line)
  • 10 Left-handed jump stop lay-ups or floaters (starting outside the 3-point line)
  • 10 Foul shots
  • 25 shots from intermediate range (5 each from 5 different spots)
  • 25 shots from long range (5 each from 5 different spots)
  • 10 Foul shots

To get the most out of your workout remember these keys:

  1. Take good shots for you. Make sure your intermediate and long-range shots allow you to shoot the ball with good form. If you are a 4th-5th grader, your long-range shots should probably not be 3 pointers.
  2. Other than form shooting, all shots, cuts and moves should be done at game speed.
  3. If you don’t have a person to rebound for you make sure you toss the ball out to yourself to simulate catching a pass and shooting.
  4. Add variety to your shooting. Some workouts you may catch and shoot from each spot. Some workouts you might mix in one-dribble pull ups from some or all of the spots.  Other times you may simulate cutting from one spot to receive a pass at the shooting spot (see corner to wing shooting progression below).
  5. Add new skills your workouts. The above scheme is a good one to come back to and to modify with different skills and drills during the challenge. We will post suggestions for new drills throughout the challenge on Facebook and Twitter.


We will be sending a Google form out each week for players to enter their shots. Make sure you check Facebook and are on our mailing list to get updates.